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Stamina and reach - stationary mounted cranes

We have used our experience of the enormous loads generated in working cranes to help us develop our market for stationary mounted cranes. Far greater demands are made on strength when a separate loading function is employed, due to the intensive crane use. In addition, the crane must have good reach in order to handle unexpected situations. Cranab's stationary mounted cranes can be found everywhere - from sawmills to recycling plants. With equally satisfied customers.

Strength comes from completeness - Cranab accessories

Cranab can offer one of the widest accessory programs on the market. We only select suppliers who can live up to the extreme demands made by forestry proffessionals. When you have chosen a crane from Cranab, why not complement it with our professional accessories?

- GV-rotators 
- AV-rotators 
- IR-rotators
- Control valves 
- Control systems 
- Undamped links 
- Damped links
- Hose kits 
- Mounting plates




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