Grapple saw cassette GSK

The Cranab grapple saw cassette GSK is a robust and flexible tool for tough and varying applications in the forest industry. The cassette can be mounted on most sizes of Cranab’s grapples, and with different saw bar lengths, it cuts a wide range of timber dimensions.

The GSK is light and smooth and has a well thought out design. The powerful saw unit can handle saw bars up to 90 cm. 
The low power requirement and maximum efficiency is due to the fact that the separate ejector valve adjusts the saw feed pressure against the cutting speed of the chain; also, large hoses are used to reduce drop in pressure. 

Chain tensioning and saw bar return are both fully automatic. Saw bar and chain are easily changed with enclosed tool. The chain is lubricated from a separate oil tank where the flow is adjustable. The heavy duty 18H saw bar is used with a larger 15 mm fastening slot for the saw bar bracket. 
The saw unit is self-contained and protected against ingress of dirt and water. 
Choose grapple saw with care, choose the GSK with a Cranab grapple for the best results!

Broshyr / Brochure Grapple


Saw motor deplacement

14 cc

Recommended operating pressure

19 - 25 MPa

Recommended oil flow (min-max)

80 - 100 l/min

Saw bar and chain

.404 / 75, 82, 90 cm

Chain tensioning


Chain lubrification


Oil tank


Saw bar return


Weight saw unit, adapter incl.

110 kg


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