Cranab FC53 is the crane of choice for small forwarders or large forestry wagons. It is also well-suited for direct mounting on large agricultural tractors. 

Both its appearance and operating characteristics have a strong resemblance to the larger cranes in the Cranab family. The positive characteristics of the larger cranes can also be found on the FC53. Uncompromising design in combination with Cranab’s production quality give FC53 the best possible footing. 

Cranab FC53 is a crane designed for those seeking a fast, small crane with the characteristics of a large crane.



FC53 Tele DT


6,5 m 8,5 m

Gross lifting torque

53 kNm 53 kNm

Gross slewing torque

12 kNm 12 kNm

Lifting force (at tip of boom, max reach)

632 kg 418 kg

Working pressure

18,5 MPa 18,5 MPa

Recommended flow

40-80 l/min 40-80 l/min


720 kg 870 kg


when you see this pillar - there‘s efficiency at work

when you see this pillar - there‘s efficiency at work

The new FC-series has a design developed to save our customers seconds, centimetres, and kilos.

Active – the unique brake link

Active – the unique brake link

The new FC-series patent-applied Active Link represents an exciting development.

Four-point linkage

Four-point linkage

Constant movement and speed over the full range

Embedded sensors

Embedded sensors

The new FC-series features the option of embedded sensors


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