Environmental work

Cranab has had ISO 14001 certification since 1999.

Cranab's Environmental policy

Cranab's products and processes shall be environmentally friendly and meet the customer's demands for product safety and quality. We shall work towards integrating environmental work as a natural part of our business operations.

Lean resource methods.

We shall work with lean resource methods, use renewable resources and strive towards recycling as far as is technically possible and economically viable.

Continuous improvement.

We shall continuously develope and improve our environmental work. Our employees shall be trained and given information so that they can take an active part in our environmental responsibility.

Influencing suppliers.

We shall influence our suppliers so that they take a responsible attitude to environmental work and we shall always take the environment into consideration both in procurement and before every investment decision.

Open auditing.

We shall openly audit our environmental influence and communicate environmental questions to our owners, customers, employees and other interested parties.

Fulfillment of environmental legislation.

We shall fulfil applicable environmental legislation and demands from authorities.

Prevent accidents

We shall prevent incidents and accidents that negatively effect health, the environment and materials.


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