Innovation and technology from forest to industry

Cranab's products are manufactured in Vindeln, in the centre of northern Sweden's great forests. Those who live here have learnt to know the forest and its conditions. Therefore, every new product that we develop has generations of forestry experience build in. Our closeness to the forest also makes it easy for us to ask, listen and test.

We have access to three modern, well equipped factories and continuous cooperation with professional foresters of all kinds, who help us with our design and testing. This cooperation between the culture of forestry, modern technology and advanced development work, is the best guarantee that our products always meet the highest demands. Our personnel work with advanced industrial handcraft. With 40 years of experience, we can meet the highest demands that forestry work can make. This is why we always say that our strength lies in the details. None of our products are complete without thorough testing. Our quality control is already aligned with future norms and gives you quality that lasts.


Cranab AB
922 82 Vindeln
Tel: +46(0)933-135 00

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Karlsgårdsvägen 56
922 32 Vindeln
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